The advantages of the debt consolidation loan

Debt consolidation: why request it?

Debt consolidation

The debt consolidation loan differs from other types of loans because it consolidates all debts into one and you pay a single installment. The debt thus becomes “lighter” and, against a longer-term amortization plan, you will pay a lower installment.

Debt repayment becomes sustainable precisely because the debt burden is less burdensome


The profiles that can require consolidation are natural and legal persons, and therefore also employees, artisans and retirees who have the possibility of seeing the funding merged and pay off debts. Among the many advantages of debt consolidation, the most obvious is that you will have only one contacteven if the old loans concern a mortgage, car purchase or consumer goods. The second advantage is that the installment is unique : you will not be forced to manage numerous deadlines.

From the operational point of view, debt consolidation takes place by entering into a loan agreement, extended over a period to be agreed, with which all open positions are extinguished by honoring a single installment. This will make it more difficult to be insolvent .

Why contact Credit

When the installments become too many and expensive, Credit offers the possibility of obtaining the advantages of debt consolidation through precise financial instruments. Leader in the online loans sector in France and Spain, the company applies the lowest fixed rates on the market and is known for the transparency of its costs. With Credit, you will not only be able to take advantage of debt restructuring, but to pay off the loan you will receive a lower rate than what you have today. Furthermore all rates are clearly stated and there are no hidden costs or revolving loans. Being totally onlinethe costs are lower compared to physical agencies. After evaluating the request, the loan will be disbursed in 24 hours: from that moment Credit , a credit institution authorized by the Bank of Italy, will become your only interlocutor.