Loan Protect Mortgage

If you have requested a loan and have taken out an insurance guarantee to protect it, but you can no longer pay everything you can decide to split the installment of your insurance policy , asking for a loan. Did you know of the existence of loans launched specifically to protect the mortgage you request for your home?

If you didn’t know, it’s time to know. We’ll explain it to you. The loan that protects the loan is a type of loan, specifically designed to reduce the weight of the premium of the insurance policy stipulated on the mortgage.

Among the various offers active on the market, there is a loan that is part of Intesa products. The bank with this product provides you with a quick loan to request and obtain. In this way, you can safely reduce and divide your mortgage insurance payment according to your needs.

Loan Protect Mortgage, the details

Loan Protect Mortgage, the details

The loan – which aims to split the payment of the cost of the mortgage insurance – is aimed exclusively at mortgage holders at the bank and who, to cover this loan, require insurance to protect the mortgage in question.

But not everyone can take advantage of this loan. To be able to apply for the Protect loan from Intesa San Paolo it is necessary to be between the ages of 18 and 70 not yet completed at the time the mortgage insurance is taken out . It is also essential that at the time the loan expires, the beneficiary is not 75 years old.

Duration and recipients of the loan Protect Mortgage

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The funding can last from a minimum of two years to a maximum of thirty years. In addition to this time period, the period set for the amortization plan is added, ie the period from the time the loan is granted to the moment in which the first installment is paid. However, the duration of the loan must never exceed the due date of the requested loan.

As for the amount that the institution grants on loan, it can range from a minimum of one thousand euros to a maximum of 30 thousand euros, while installments must be paid monthly.

With the Proteggi Mutuo loan from the repayment is made by debiting the current account and can be made in advance with respect to the pre-established date. Early repayment can be both total and partial. In the case of fixed-rate loans, the beneficiary is required to pay 1 percent of the amount already repaid.